Chapter 31

Hello Loves! Welcome!!! There are tons of fabulous topics and posts I've thought about discussing while doing a re-launch but because I wanted to completely start over and start fresh while re-defining the woman I now am. When starting over, there was some growing and coming into my own that was forced and well needed. When entering your 30's, it forces you to do a recap and evaluate the last 10 yrs of you life and really examine who you were in your 20's. (Well... honey, did I sit back and remember being 20 something). I began writing this post before turning 30 because I was so sure I would be ready to re-launch. I was wrong and needed more time. You ever want to rush a through a process?...just get through it, learn and understand what you need to. As a woman in her 30s, I'm sure if you ask your mother, sister, aunt cousin or friend she will tell you how much wiser you are in your 30's. However, I thought to myself", what would you honestly tell your 20-something year old self before you enter into the next decade? What would prepare you? I began to think of advice I wanted someone to tell me before turning 30. This is how I created: Chapter 30; Dear younger me. (below)

Dear younger me . .


2.Enjoy your twenties.

3. You'll never get your undergraduate life back.

4. Life as an adult really starts after college.

5. You'll meet the most important people in your life in college.

6. Always return compliments.

7. Leave cheating boyfriends.

8. Your faith is vital to your life.

9. Don't be scared to grow. It's a part of life.

10. Social media isn't REAL. Fake people, fake lives.

11. Nobody is perfect.

12. Depend on GOD with everything you have.

13.Choose to BE HAPPY where you are in life.

14. Never compare yourself to others.

15. Some friends were only seasonal; to get you to your next season.

16. Don't tell people your dreams.

17. PRAYER WORKS, stay in God's face.

18.Your first job out of college maybe your worst.

19.LOVE who you are.

20.YOUR health comes first.

21.You only get ONE LIFE enjoy it everyday.

22. You will get your heart broken.

23.Choose abstinence it's worth it.

24.Celebrate every year of your life!

25.Invest in yourself and BELIEVE IN YOU.

26. Tell your loves ones you LOVE them daily.

27.Be kind.

28.Choose your circle wisely.

29.Depression is REAL.

30.Let GO of Hurt.

AND 31. There is no love in fear. (1 John 4:18)

Ciara Jolie

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