What is Birchbox?

Have you ever wanted to try beauty products but you didn't know how? Then you became overwhelmed and frustrated because you haven't the slightest clue where to began or where to look? So you inadvertently gave up and decided to do a google search for some Instagram products you came across but had no idea if the reviews were real or not. Or maybe you are a beauty expert looking for the latest and most trendy beauty products but don't have time to actually sit down, research products, choose the best then pray you that love it after spending countless dollars on it!? Birchbox is an inexpensive and less stressful way to shop for beauty products, that allows you to sign up for a subscribe monthly for yourself or gift it to one of your best girlfriends(excellent gift) without purchasing them. Basically, you're sampling the products before you make a commitment to buy them. Birchbox with its cutesy monthly themed boxes chooses products based on a mini self-beauty quiz you take during the sign-up process. Birchbox will generate similar products in your box based on your answers regarding your beauty interest from your previous quiz. Then, VOILA!, you are on your way to becoming the next make-up YouTube personnel... I'm joking. Birchbox offers two choices; you are able to pay monthly or you can opt for a year. It is less expensive to get a year subscription. I paid $99.00 with a promotional code. The Birchbox subscription won't have any shipping or handling fees—just the $10.00 if you choose to pay monthly. It is $110.00 year for the Beauty Box and $10.00 a month, $60.00 for 6-months for BirchboxMan, or $20.00 a month for BirchboxMan Plus. If your shipping address is in a state in which we operate, sales tax will be applied to your order. The great part about this subscription is, you can re-gift it to a girlfriend. Once you have completed your order you will receive your Birchbox each month near the beginning of the month, of course, dates of delivery will vary. Your online account with Birchbox allows you to view your past samples and buy additional products outside of your monthly Birchbox. On my blog, I will do reviews of each box, theme contents and my opinion of each product.


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