Yes, I launched my online store!


I am pleased to announce the launch of my ONLINE STORE, CJOLIE!!! I finally put my fears aside and DID IT! CJOLIE, highlights the moments in a woman's life where she needs a daily reminder to keep going, keep growing, keep evolving and keep encouraging yourself. My designs will give you the positive encouragement and confidence you need to never stop believing in you.I designed each one of our products to provide inspirational, motivational and spiritual encouragement for women. It can be hard being a woman during these times, with the pressures of life, social media and the constant comparison can cause you to doubt yourself and become easily discouraged.

Personally, I wanted daily encouragement and affirmations to be a reminder that I could do whatever it is I wanted to do. Even if I wasn't sure "who" that woman was just yet, I had to keep going and never give up and FIGHT for my dreams. CJOLIE's mission is to provide products that allow women to feel; loved, glamorous, beautiful and accepted on a daily basis. While being able to offer a daily reminder to the women who feel; inadequate, unloving, undeserving, incomplete and imperfect. CJOLIE is for those women who are unsure or lack the confidence in who they are and who they desire to be. It's for the woman who strives to be more but needs that constant daily assurance of her potential, purpose, and beauty.


I want to thank everyone who believed in me, loved me, encouraged me, pushed me, inspired me, didn’t let me give up! Everyone who listened to my fears, watched me doubt myself and put up with my complaining. Thank you, for those who spoke into my life, believed in my dream from years ago. When I was discouraged, scared and found myself inadequate to brand my own self, you all never gave up on me. I have spent hours, nights, months and years building my brand and dream! No, market is too saturated! Don’t let the enemy make you believe that God can’t use you or your dreams!! You too have a purpose!! Believe in you, don’t give up, fight for you and TRUST GOD!!


GO SHOP NOW!!!! (see our "shopcjolie" tab)

Ciara Jolie

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